Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Abundant Cottage Adventures Monday 4th May 2020

Yesterday I spent most of the day volunteering at our local community pantry. Most of the time is spent refilling the baskets with rescued fruit and veg, cleaning the floors,  tidying and helping to give out food to those who need a helping hand.

I bought a few Spot The Dog Easter books for $1 each at the op shop run by the pantry.  These books will be put away for our grandson Bryson and for future grandchildren.

When I came home I spent time tidying the present shelf in the wardrobe.  I pulled out all gifts for May to make sure everything was ready to wrap.  It feels so good to have gifts organised ahead of time.  Who could have predicted there would be very few shops open for Mother's Day shopping in 2020 ? 

Here are a few more photos from the Melbourne Flower Show in 2015

Do you have a present / gift cupboard stocked with goodies to give ?


  1. I don't give a lot of gifts, except to family. Over the past few years I've started picking up items when I see something I know the person will like. I do keep them all in the same place, and I keep a list of what I've got, so I don't forget. Today I mailed off my daughter-in-law's birthday present. It's an Ott-Lite table lamp, bought at 50% off after Christmas, a rice bag (which I made) to be heated in the microwave and a gift card for $50 so she can take advantage of a killer sale on picture framing.

    The one exception to my family-only rule is my friend Heather. She helps me once a week in the house and garden, and we've become good friends. Her birthday was two weeks ago and I gave her a ham and $35 in gift cards to Home Depot. She has been doing a lot of work in her garden and I knew she would need supplies. I had gotten the GCs as a reward for wellness activities. Whenever I get a GC that isn't a gift for me, I save it for gift-giving. I still have a few in my stash!

  2. I have some things on my present shelf, but aim to build it up some more and have been thinking of what I can make with what I have. One of those things is felted dryer balls and some bath bombs :)


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