Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Free Christmas Presents To Give

 The pandemic this year has seen many people's budgets stretched beyond what they could ever have  imagined.  Birthdays,  anniversaries,  Mother's Day and Father's Day have all been celebrated under difficult circumstances.  At times it's been impossible to give a planned present with supermarkets being the only option for shopping.

If you are finding it hard to give presents this year,  these suggestions might give you a ray of hope and not hurt your budget.

*  Hampers.  They come in all shapes,  sizes and budgets.  A free hamper can be put together with what you already have.  A craft hamper can be made up of your surplus craft supplies.    All crafters have a stash that keeps on growing.  Bundle your supplies into a storage basket,  large icecream container,  or a decorated cardboard box.  Tie a ribbon,  attach a gift tag and you have an impressive gift to give.  

Maybe a pasta hamper is more your style.  Add a couple of packets of pasta ,  tinned tomatoes and make up a jar of mixed herbs with ingredients and stock you have in your pantry.

Do you have spare cooking utensils put away waiting for your old ones to fall apart ?  Bundle them together with a pretty ribbon or some kitchen twine,  add a tea towel or cooking ingredients from your pantry and you have a very useful cooking hamper.

  *  Linens.  Do you have spare tea towels or hand towels sitting unused in your linen cupboard ?  Fold them into a neat little stack and tie with a pretty ribbon,  cut up lace curtain or kitchen twine.

*  Baking makes a wonderful present.  Biscuits,  slices and truffles can be made with staple pantry items.  Place them in a cellophane bag,  recycled glass coffee jar or a decorated paper bag.  Recycled coffee jars can be sourced for free on Buy,  Swap Sell sites on Facebook or through friends.

*  Plants.  Take a few cuttings from your favourite shrub,  tree or even plant a few veggie seedlings.  Wrap a little paper around the pot and attach a tag with growing instructions.

*  Zero Waste.  This is the name of a Facebook group I came across.  People are always decluttering and want to give things away for free.  There's probably a similar group in your area offering an item you can repurpose or restore to give as a present.

*  Regift.  If you have presents stashed away in your cupboard you cannot use,  regift it to someone who can.  Just make sure you are not giving it to the same person who gave it to you in the first place.

*  Timber gifts.  Do you have scrap bits of timber lying around. ?  A tool box,  planter or herb garden could easily be made.

*  Material gifts.  If you have a material stash of any shape or size,  making presents for children is quite easy.  Stuffed toys,  library / toy bags,  hair scrunchies and books are just a few ideas to get you started.      

A pasta hamper

Biscuits in a cellophane bag

Plants for gifts

Gifts in a jar

What gifts do you give that don't cost a cent ?


  1. The pasta hamper looks great - Id love to receive something like that. Emma

  2. Great ideas Wendy your gift wrapping is so pretty thanks for sharing such good ideas for gifts this year
    Melissa K

  3. Dear Wendy ,
    Thank you for some lovely ideas for gifts.
    I have an idea which is sort of free if you already have the craft materials: cards and gift tags in a pack .in my craft stash I have plenty of blank cards and envelopes which I have and will decorate with stickers ,embellishments etc .
    and I have a gift tag maker so I have used some card stock I had in my stash and made some gift tags which will be decorated with stickers and tied with ribbon again from my stash and then placed in cellophane bags also from my stash. This gift costs very little or as U said 8d you have a craft stash it's basically free

    Also the gift of time( if you have plenty of f time to spare ) is a good gift ,you could make up simple vouchers for an hour or two of babysitting,gardening,a car washing voucher and or car detailing ,a personal shopper voucher or an hour or two outing to the park or a picnic for an elderly friend or relative who may not have transport and may not get out much .
    Thanks again for the ideas Wendy,your gifts in the photos look great .I love receiving handmade and well thought our gifts .
    Love Barb W .

  4. I just want to say that I love, love, love your blog, Wendy. Thankyou for sharing so many tips & providing inspiration to explore more ways to economise. 🌸

  5. Some great ideas, thanks for sharing.

  6. This isn't free, but it's pretty cheap. Take a real good look at a professionally-done fruit basket and you will see that it only contains one or two pieces of each kind of fruit. Recycle a basket (we all have them) and wrap with cellophane and a bow and you have an impressive gift for very little ca$h. This is a gift that's perfectly appropriate for any occasion.

  7. Such a great post! I love your creativity! I have been crafting and filling the gift cupboard all year. This summer was especially productive in lock down. I have crotcheted scarves, dish clothes and potholders. Also sewing hanging tea towels and aprons. All the supplies used were in my stash or given to me or bought at deep discounts. I put together gift baskets (hampers) or gift boxes customized for each family or family member using the list of items above with a candle and dish soap or othe trinkets piced up for pennys. I figured that each basket cost approximately $4. With others costing $0 only my time to produce the items. I hope that they will all enjoy these practical gifts.


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