Wednesday 22 March 2023

A Candle Saving Trick

Have you ever thought it was a waste to throw out a candle when there is still a little bit of wax down the bottom of the container ?  Here's what I do if  I have another candle of the same fragrance  -

* Pop the glass candle container into a saucepan of very hot water. Just a couple of inches of hot water is all you need

*  Let the wax melt ( about 10 minutes ).

*  Take the glass candle container from the saucepan and carefully pour the melted wax into the top of a new candle.  

*  Let it cool for a few hours before lighting the new candle.

TIP - Make sure there is enough wick above the wax so you can light it.  About 5 - 7 mm is good.

Melting the wax

Adding the melted wax.

Have you tried this candle trick before ?


  1. You can do the same with the bottom of a deodorant stick. Nuke the base of the deodorant for a few seconds in a small dish to melt the last bit and then pour onto the top of another one that you have screwed down so there is room for the additional product. It cools quickly and you're good to go. If you use a rubber spatula to get every bit, the spatula will take on the fragrance so not good to use for food afterwards.
    Candlewax can also be used to make hand or foot cream by adding coconut or vegetable oil and a few drops of essential oil.

  2. I have reused candle wax, but not the way you describe it. I had an old jam jar where I collected all the leftover bits and pieces of my candles, and once that was reasonably full and I had some spare time, I would make new candles in whatever small container I could find. I had bought a wick thread for this, which lasts for ages because you only need so many centimetres per candle.

  3. This is a great tip Wendy. Thank you.


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