Saturday 18 March 2023

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 18th March 2023

This week has been a pretty boring one at the Gower Abundant Cottage.  We've gone to work,  watered the garden, eaten, done the housework and rested.  Not much else has happened.  

Not a lot of frugal tasks have been completed either.  I haven't been lazy,  it was just one of those weeks where nothing much that was frugal needed to be done.  So this week I won't be posting my frugal list.  It would be a little embarrassing to write about the 5 ways I saved money.

So I thought this would be your chance to leave a comment and share how you all saved money this week.  I'm happy to learn some new money saving tricks.  

How did you save time,  money or energy this week ?


  1. Cooked all meals, coffee from home, cleaned the house myself, hubby mowed the lawns and services the cars, he also washed the cars.
    Picked some herbs from the garden.
    Used up what I had in the pantry and fridge.

  2. You have probably mentioned this before … instead of purchasing small bottles of milk (which can be expensive) I buy the 2 litre ones and freeze it into smaller portions. I buy the 300ml bottles of IGA cream and save them when empty and use those to put the milk into.
    Also yesterday I made your Chocolate Milk Drink for my granddaughters and they loved it. Better than Milo I’d say 👏👏

  3. This past week, we renegotiated interest rate on our home loan. Our loan is about to come off a fixed rate so we are getting ready for that. It's not a huge loan but we still got a better rate by comparing and letting bank know what we'd been offered elsewhere. This will save us considerable $. Other frugal things:
    * made large tray of green mac 'n' cheese - used zucchini, broccoli (reduced price) frozen peas, frozen spinach and UHT milk in the sauce - had for dinner and several lunches
    * made sweet potato and chocolate cake using pantry items
    * made 2x cobb loaf dips for a work afternoon tea - very easy to make. Used frozen spinach and Aldi cream cheese and feta.
    * minimising use of oven -baked multiple items at once then reheated in microwave during week
    * watching programs on ABC iview which is free
    * used fuel lock price to fill car - saved $
    It has been very hot here, mid 30Cs, so air-con has been on. Thankful for solar panels to offset some of cost.
    Have a good week, Wendy!

  4. Instead of baking bread we are going through our freezer and eating all the bits and ends of breads in there. We have eaten sandwiches on many types of bread and rolls and used up some breakfast breads instead of freshly baked bread for toast. Sometimes this needs to be done before items are freezer burnt and needing to be thrown out.

  5. We're doing a large family trip to see my husband's family, and I saw a small drop in the hotel rate. Because we're doing so many rooms, it saved about $400 to rebook under the lower rate.

    I also picked up a bunch of avocados from a neighbor (she has really large trees, & can't give them away fast enough), and some citrus fruit from another neighbor.

    Made protein bars to keep the teens from going hungry between sports practices.

    Charged our electric car for free at work, kept the heat lower in the house, and ate free meals at work.

  6. Hi Wendy, I don’t usually comment but read your every post! Thank you for the time you spend writing and offering information. Hilogene in Az

  7. Hi Wendy,I ha v we started making my own muesli it's so much more tasty and fresh& I have all the ingredients on hand in my pantry

  8. I purchased gift cards at my son’s favorite retail store while I was on vacation. I am putting the cards away for him and his family for their Christmas gifts. Since this particular store charges almost $8USD for shipping per each card, I saved almost $24 by purchasing these gift cards in the store vs having them shipped.


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