Saturday 11 March 2023

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 11th March 2023

 It was a week of bits a pieces here at the Gower Abundant Cottage.  A few bargains,  some baking,  gardening and general frugalness.

Here's what we got up to -

*  Gratefully received a small bag of cherry tomatoes from a friend.  We've had such a bad growing season for many things in our veg garden.  The tomatoes were a real blessing.

*  Baked three loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.  I used recycled bread bags to freeze the bread.

*  Dried all the washing on the line and clothes horses outside.

*  Used the solar lanterns each night instead of turning on a lamp in the loungeroom.

*  Turned our hot water temperature down a little. We haven't noticed a difference when using the shower.  Hopefully we'll see it reflected in our next gas bill.

*  Made a double batch of  ANZAC biscuit dough.  Some was baked for our snacks and the rest of the dough went into the freezer.  I gave Megan a few biscuits for the boys to eat.  She took them as snacks to the movies and I heard that Luka and Bryson were excited to have them.

*  Made 1.5 kilos of brown sugar from scratch.

*  We picked raspberries, pears,  tomatoes,  beans and blackberries from our garden.  I collected 4 eggs this week.

*  Our local $2 shop is closing down due to shopping centre renovations.  I grabbed a few items when they had 25% off.  The next day I wanted Darren to have a look to see if he needed anything.  That day they had 50% off.  We bought a few hardware items,  greeting cards ( for Darren to give me @ 33 cents each ),  craft ribbon,  liquid hand soap ( good brand too ) and a few items for Luka and Bryson's Christmas stockings.

*  We ate leftovers from Bryson's birthday dinner ( the next night ).  

*  Fed bread crusts,  an old cucumber,  grass and weeds to our chickens.

*  Saved the shower warm up water and washing machine water.

*  Most days we didn't need any heating or cooling on.  Usually I have a few doors open to let a breeze through.  One morning was a bit cold so I turned the heater on for 1 hour.  

*  Made leftover mashed potato into potato cakes and cooked it for lunch the next day.

*  Cut open and scraped out a hair conditioner bottle.

Potato cakes for lunch

Making brown sugar

Scraping out a conditioner bottle

From the garden.

How have you saved money this week ?


  1. My mother likes her takeaway sushi etc., to this week I have been pushing eating at home and using things up. I am managing to make a tank of petrol last around the fortnight. I am also trying to buy fuel at its lowest price points. On a pension these higher figures truly are making life difficult.

  2. It's still up in the high 30's here in Perth, we live in such a large country, hard to believe you are using heaters already, even for only an hour, don't often comment but thank you for your blog, I enjoy it very much. Deb.

  3. It's so lovely when people share excess fresh produce like the little cherry tomatoes you received, Wendy. We have a produce swap in our area which is awesome! This week, we saved money in lots of little ways:
    * homemade meals, no takeaway
    * made big pot of bolognese sauce and pan of fried rice then froze extras
    * made large potato bake with heavily discounted bag of organic dutch creme potatoes - eight serves.
    * baked cake, cookies for snacks
    * meal planned for week
    * chose cheapest fruits at greengrocer - got 1kg bags of black plums, small red gala apples and granny smith apples. I look for fruit under $4 per kg. Also got bag of Odd Bunch pears from Woolworths.
    * saved shower warm up water and tipped into wash machine
    * made rags out of an old ripped sheet
    * used Petrol Spy to find cheapest fuel price and topped up car
    * combined errands to save fuel.
    I am going to stew granny smith apples today and make 2x apple crumbles. One for the freezer!


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