Wednesday 1 March 2023

Don't Flush Your Money Down The Toilet.

 Have you ever noticed how many products are available in the supermarket to keep your toilet sparkling and smelling lovely ?  There is a spray for this,  a wipe for that.  Then there are all those fragrant toilet blocks that promise a shiny white toilet bowl.

Have you stopped to think if these products really do what they claim to do ?

As a cleaner I've used just about every  product under the sun at my clients homes.  Not one single one of them makes your toilet clean.  But they make you feel good using them don't they ?  The marketing department of these companies have done their job.  You've parted with your hard earned dollars and made them rich.

The next time you go to clean your toilet,  have a look under the toilet bowl rim.  Is it clean ?  Toilet brushes usually don't reach under the rim so you are likely to find a lot of grime under there.

If you want to save big dollars and still have a clean toilet,  all you need is a pair of rubber gloves,  a washable cloth ( Chux type works great ) and a spray of some sort.  Disinfectant,  diluted kitchen detergent or vinegar in a spray bottle will all clean your toilet well.

Click on the link below to find out how I clean toilets for the best and cheapest results.

Cleaning your toilet


  1. Thank you. I do our toilets ever week and use a brush. This week I will use a cloth!
    Hilogene in Az

    1. I can usually tell if a toilet is only ever cleaned with a brush. They are great for quick cleans but don't give a detailed clean.

  2. All so true Wendy and the savings with not buying expensive cleaners over a year is staggering (also probably a great savings for the environment!)

  3. Wendy, I am USA. What do you mean by 'disinfectant'?

    1. A cleaning liquid that kills germs.

    2. Do you mean like Lysol etc? Not bleach? Thanks, Carolyn

    3. I've heard Americans talk about Lysol. Definitely not bleach.


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