Wednesday 15 March 2023

The 365 Declutter Challenge.

 I love a good declutter challenge but find most of them have too many rules or unrealistic goals and tasks.  Life gets in the way doesn't it ?  Then you feel like a failure.

I'm not a hoarder by any stretch of the imagination.  I love order and space in my cupboards and around our home.  It just makes life easier having space and it's certainly easier to clean our floors and do the dusting.

When my Dad passed away last April,  it really got me thinking about how much stuff we have and how much stuff our girls might have to sort out when Darren and I are no longer around.

So last year I set up my own declutter challenge.  Although life did get in the way,  I still managed to get rid of 188 excess items from our home.  

There are only 2 rules to this challenge -

*  Throw out or donate one item every day.

*  Consumable items like toiletries or food do not count.  You'd be throwing out empty packets / bottles anyway. Bits of paper doesn't count either.

It's that simple.  The great thing is,  if you forget a day or two ( or 10 ) you have the rest of the year to make up for it..  You can also start the challenge at any time.

I've roughly ruled a piece of paper with the months down on the left side of the paper.  The total for each month is on the right side and the space in the middle is where you record the amount of items you get rid of.  The plan is to have the same amount of discarded items as there are days in the month.

Here's a photo of my paper for this year's challenge.

My utensil drawer after decluttering

My declutter challenge tally so far.

Will you join me in this simple declutter challenge ?


  1. This sounds so do-able. We have so much stuff.. Too much stuff. So count me in. The biggest hurdle will be sneaking the stuff out of the house.

  2. last week I finally made it to the op shop with several bags full. It's my plan to regularly do a cull. Makes you feel much lighter!

  3. Good morning Wendy, what a good challenge. My mother in law was a hoarder so I have been trying to not be. My husband on the other hand struggles to throw anything out and his shed is testament to this! Over lock-in I went through most of the cupboards in our house and am now starting to go through them again.I am not sure about one thing a day but keeping some sort of record is a great idea and I look forward to a checkin down the track!

  4. I’m in also.

  5. Hi Wendy,I am doing this with my elderly client I have 2 boxes in my boot now 🙂

  6. Wendy where did you get your drawer organisers?

    1. Hi Janine. I got them from Kmart about 6 years ago. They came as drawers and these are the inserts.

  7. I’m happy to join Wendy. I’m a habitual declutterer as we live in a very small home, more the size of a flat so I’m always looking to cull. My craft cupboards are the hardest to do.


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