Saturday 11 April 2020

Abundant Cottage Adventures Friday 10th April 2020

Good Friday was a slower,  easier day.  It was pretty exciting ( for me ) to go out in the garden and find the first feijoa of the season had fallen from the tree.  For those who are not familiar with this fruit,  you need to wait for the fruit to fall before eating.  Here's what else we got up to -

*  Darren made a batch of hot cross buns.  We enjoyed them for afternoon tea,  toasted with lashings of butter.

*  I listed bundles of my handmade greeting cards on a few Facebook pages.  Within an hour I'd sold two bundles and it looks like I've sold another.

*  Picked a small bowl of raspberries from the garden.

*  Darren picked a rose from the garden for my bedside table.

*  We had salmon,  rice salad and roast potatoes for dinner.

Darren's hot cross buns

If anyone is interested,  I still have these two bundles of handmade greeting cards for sale.  $20 each including postage in Australia.  Please message me through Facebook for payment options.

How did you spend your Good Friday ?


  1. Good Friday was a slow day. We enjoyed our hot cross buns. I look forward to these every year. We have two left.

    God bless the rest of you Easter break.

  2. Good Friday was spent catching up with a few things around home. I did some tidying up inside and out.

    Cleared out our exercise equipment from our storage room and dropped them at our sons. This will allow more room in there for crafting etc.

    On Thursday we brought a new freezer and I transferred the things I had inside the house in our camping fridge {being used as a freezer} to the new one. This will allow more space for storing food.

    Darren's hot cross buns look so good! I have just looked up a recipe to make some too.

    Your cards are gorgeous as usual. Its no wonder they sell so well.

    Wishing you a Blessed Easter xxx

  3. Those hot cross buns look yummy! I had a quiet Good Friday. I cut my hair because it was desperately out of control and salons are closed here. I should have remembered this was a bad idea. It will grow and hopefully the salons will be back open before it needs cutting again. I also baked molasses cookies for the grandchildren's Easter baskets. My son is coming by to collect them because, of course, we can't celebrate together. I didn't have a way to get traditional Easter candy so they will each get a huge Cadbury chocolate block (I usually keep this hidden in my spare fridge for chocolate emergencies). I also cooked a large amount of different dried beans from the pantry and froze them in two cup (one can) portions for easier use. I watched the Good Friday service on Youtube. I will watch the Easter Vigil today (Saturday) and Easter Mass on Sunday. It certainly is not the same as attending but at least makes me feel slightly better. The days are pretty quiet here by myself but I am staying in touch with loved ones by phone and electronics. Wishing you a happy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter Wendy and Fellow Readers,
    Those hot cross buns look delicious. Thanks again for sharing your daily frugal tips.
    We have had a nice time at home getting jobs done around the house. I tidied the laundry cupboard and found a packet of anti bac wipes I'd bought for camping last Christmas. I also found I had a decent supply of household medications still well in date, to keep us going. I'd like to avoid the Chemist as much as possible.
    It was our eldest daughters 18th birthday yesterday. We enjoyed decorating the house and had a fun night with a BBQ dinner, champagne and birthday cake.
    Blessings to you all for Easter Sunday.
    A big shout out to our to those in the health sector and front liners. Thank you for everything you do!
    Take care. Rachel:)

  5. Hi Wendy 👋 Could you post the hot cross bun recipe please?
    Thanks, Vanessa


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