Tuesday 14 April 2020

Abundant Cottage Adventures Sunday 12th and Monday 13th April 2020

Over the last couple of days I had to take some time out to look after myself. ( for my sanity ).I'm sharing a small home with 5 other people, including two babies that I absolutely adore.  Easter Sunday I spent most of the day on my bed watching tv,  relaxing and enjoying some quiet time with the door closed.  Megan and Bryson joined me late in the afternoon while I was watching Packed To The Rafters and munching on chocolate Easter Eggs.

Monday I had the house to myself while the others moved furniture from Megan's rental.  I enjoyed the peace and quiet while doing a little bit of cleaning.  Here's what else happened in the Gower house over the last couple of days -


*  Darren and Kurt washed all the family cars and vacuumed the insides.

*  Darren bought Lindt Easter bunnies in Kmart for $1 each.  He bought quite a few that we'll be giving throughout the year with birthday presents.

*  Darren cooked pork dumplings for dinner that night.


*  Wiped down the kitchen cupboards and removed fingermarks from a certain little one year old boy.

*  Cleaned the microwave inside and out.

*  Made a spray bottle of diluted dishwashing liquid with cooled boiled water.  This works really well on all kitchen surfaces and doesn't leave streak marks.

*  Picked four feijoas from under the tree.

*  Picked a small bowl of raspberries.  The fruit picking is slowing down.

*  Cleaned out the laundry cupboard and wiped under the washing machine.

*  Posted a few parcels of cards I'd sold a couple of  days earlier.

Feijoas from our tree.

How are you coping with the lock down ?

How have you spent the last couple of days ?


  1. My daughters are 11 and 8, and we spent the Easter weekend in 'France'. We packed a small suitcase, drove a short tour of our village, admiring the old buildings, came home, inspected our bedrooms and the bathroom, enjoyed the names my daughters had given the rooms. We tried to speak as much French as possible (they have French in primary school here in Belgium), we ate baguettes and croissants, and on Sunday pretended to go to an Asian restaurant in the evening (I didn't have all ingredients for a proper French meal). We cycled, we walked, we went to the cinema (overhead projector).
    On Saturday, I served them their fries and burger through the window, in popcorn cardboard boxes I still had, which I then wiped out and served popcorn in during the film.
    We listened to our church's Easter service on youtube.

  2. I envy your feijoa tree. My yard is too small. It sounds like a lovely family Easter.

  3. Mum has been sorting her clothes out from her discarded cardigans i have cut squares and have been making a throw rug. I am using up some 8 ply pure wool to make extra squares which i already had. I made 3 hot water bottle covers as well.

    I went online and bought new underwear free delivery and 15%off Mum was very happy with the prices. I bought my partners Birthday presents online at Kmart I knew what i wanted and was happy with free delivery.

    I used some lovely mango shower gel to make up hand soap in the bathroom. Gee the bathroom smells nice.

    Using the oven to make cakes or biscuits, then drying all the crusts off mums sandwiches then drying parsley at the moment. When i make fresh juice using the pulps in either soups carrot cake or muffins so nothing is wasted.

    Yesterday Coles had 2 litre bottles of milk use by the 18th for $1.50. I made rice puddings and bread and butter pudding and froze individual portions. I see a lot of custard on the menu.

    Life sure is boring presently but i am finding things to do. Leanne

  4. Finished knitting dishcloths to sell at my next market stall. Made some toilet cleaner and vacuumed the house. Feeling yuk today after having my flu vaccine.

    1. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow Kate

  5. It can be difficult sharing a household. I know how difficult it can be. Good on you for admitting you need time to yourself.

    Life plods along slowly. I had my granddaughter here yesterday as her mother had a migraine. She is tiring but so much fun. Yesterday she spent large amounts of time toilet training a doggy shaped doorstop. I was a great relief to my bored of being stuck at home and she normally spends Tuesdays and Wednesdays with me.

    God bless and stay safe.

    1. Having your granddaughter with you would certainly keep you busy

  6. Hi Wendy and all,

    Alison here from Clawson, MI, USA. I love reading your posts they have inspired me in so many ways. Just wanted to let you know that HH and I have started watching "Packed to the Rafters" together here in the good ole USA. What a wonderful watch and to spend time together. Hope you and yours are sale, healthy & happy.

  7. I'm glad you made time for yourself, it is overwhelming sharing a house again, when I was pregnant with baby 2 (my girls were born just under 12 months apart) we moved back in with my parents, it was a great support for me but also tiring for my parents having extra people in there house, plus 1 being a toddler and the other a new born. You need to make sure you take time out for your own well being.


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