Sunday 19 April 2020

Smiley Sunday 19th April 2020

Life certainly looks different for all of us at this point in time.  No one really knows when the lockdown restrictions will be lifted or when we will be able to get back to normal.  Many people are struggling with the concept of staying home and feel like their life is on hold.

For Darren and I,  we are homebodies.  Yes we do like to go out on occasion,  but we really enjoy our home and our surroundings.  Lately we've taken the time to stop and take great joy in the comfort our home brings.

Some of you might be struggling to find joy in your everyday routines.  I thought it would be a great idea to break my blogging schedule each Sunday to list a few things that have bought us joy to our soul,  a smile to our face or a sense of purpose.  I hope you'll take this opportunity to share the things that bring you joy and hopefully we can lift each others spirits.

*  I've been putting a favourite perfume on each day.  It makes me feel good.

*  Having a cup of tea in a fancy bone china tea cup,  or if it's Darren,  his favourite Collingwood football mug.

*   Writing a small list of jobs I'd like completed each day.  Sometimes I delegate one or two tasks to Darren or Megan so that we all feel a great accomplishment when we cross the items off the list.

What brings a smile to your face ?  


  1. Hi Wendy I am also a homebody but I am finding it hard as I missed my grandson's first birthday yesterday. I am seriously considering moving to QLD.
    The things that bring me joy are;
    Reading books.
    Wordsearch puzzles.
    Getting photos or videos of my grandson.
    A cup of tea in the mug my mum gave me. It was the last gift I got from mum.

  2. I am struggling this weekend. So thank you for the wisdom of your words. I am a home body but I miss my children and feel the walls closing in. I started making scrub caps this afternoon and that was a huge huge mistake. Oh well. Tomorrow I will use my perfume and try to make myself some meals I like to eat. I care for my mother and food is a major issue.

  3. Hi Wendy, I'm a homebody as well, I'm also an introvert, so as much as I'm loving being home, I'm not so much enjoying everyone else home at the same time lol we are also homeschooling which has been interesting, my girls are in grade 1 and 2 so nothing to hard, but I've been enjoying the creativity we've all come up with to incorporate school learning into every day things we do at home and teaching the girls to be more independent. I'm struggling a bit not having much alone time, but it's a small price to pay to keep us healthy.

  4. Yes I'm a home body too, I love my home and garden, it brings me great satisfaction, and I'm happy with simple pleasures, like checking my vegie patch, patting the pets, seeing a blossom on a plant, feeding my family nutritious and comforting meals, having a clean and welcoming home.

  5. Hi Wendy, a couple of things that bring me joy are working in my garden and baking - today I baked some pumpkin scones. Lyn

  6. Great Idea Wendy!
    We are homebodies too. During our frugal adventures we have realised that the simple everyday pleasure bring us joy.
    For my husband it's keeping his lawn looking great.
    For me it is baking some bikkies to have with a nice cup of coffee.
    As a family we enjoy a BBQ on some Saturday nights.
    Take care.
    Rachel :)

  7. We two are senior citizens, I suppose and although we do go out to eat occasionally, we do not mind being home. Since my husband retired he has volunteered and that has been stopped due to the situation we all find ourselves in...I don't believe that sheltering in place has bothered us as much as it does active younger people. What brings me joy: Bird watching, we do this all year but the Spring brings sightings of nest building and feeding of offspring...we see lots of rabbits in our yard, one day we saw three different sizes together and wondered if this was a family...our walks bring us joy as there is always something new to see. Mama Bear

  8. Yes I'm happy at home and enjoying my allowed daily walk. Making me smile this week is hearing and seeing skylarks and chiffchaffs while standing alone out in beautiful countryside. Making delicious cheese scones today for the first time in years. Chatting to little granddaughter on face time and hearing her laugh in delight.Seeing my herbs and cornflowers sown recently popping through the soil.

  9. Hi Wendy
    I laugh every morning after watch with slightly open eyes my 15 year-old dogs taking turns checking if I am awake.
    I smile every morning sitting outside enjoying a cup of tea on my deck watching the birds.
    I am greatfull that modern technology can bring family face to face from London or the next suburb.
    I enjoy getting to know my neighbours who are at home now. Such a joy to make friends and support each other.
    I also am greatfull for your blog. Thank you

  10. During the great Covid clean out I found my grandmother's old teapot. I am getting tremendous joy brewing tea in it every day,


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