Wednesday 15 April 2020

Abundant Cottage Adventures Tuesday 14th April 2020

Yesterday I had a 6 hour cleaning job.  I'm very grateful for this work and the much needed cash.  With me out of the house most of the day,  I'm not sure what everyone else got up to.

*   I do know that Darren vacuumed and mopped the floors.

*  We had a chicken,  veg and pasta bake for dinner which was delicious.

*  I sold another greeting card bundle.

*  Gratefully received a few passion fruits from a friend.

In the garden.

Do your family members still have jobs ?

Have you found different ways to earn an income ?


  1. I am my mother's carer. Mt son works as a contract chef. He is working at an open cut coal mine for another week. He left with permits to cross the QLD/NSW border and I hope he can return home without too much drama. My girls work at the same school. One is a French teacher and the other is a trained teacher-aide. They will recommence work for term two. Oddly the teacher-aide starts before the teacher. So far my immediate family is doing well. Both girls are engaged. Connor works with computers. He can work from home but found it very difficult as Miss two just wanted to be with daddy all day. He is the only person in his office so he is ell isolate. Marc has some work. Not as much as usual but he is determined boy and I am sure he will keep himself busy. He also works outside most of the time.

  2. Wendy I am so glad you got some more paid work and gold a greeting card bundle. Reading your post before I agree we all need me time every now again to regroup and relax :). Lovely of Darren to vacuum and mop the floors too.

    Today we noticed the grass was getting awfully long and it needed attending to. DH must have been desperate as his stitches are coming apart so he decided to let me loose with the hand mowing of the front lawn, edges and the two sides of the home lawns. Now I am half blind in one eye (born with a faulty eye lens), have no depth perception and I cannot do anything at all in a straight line :laughing: . I even have to measure with a ruler to see if a picture is hung straight on a wall it is that bad. Thank goodness for the invention of both tape measures and rulers :smile: .

    Anyway I managed to mow the lawns and it looked really good when I finished so I am happy with my efforts and so was DH. We have a self propelled hand mower so although it is a heavy large deck lawnmower it walks with you as you mow making it far easier. I just used the mower wheel marks to keep the lines straight and if I couldn't see the lines used the long grass as a guide to where I hadn't mowed. I also trimmed lower branches off a potted lemon tree and weeded the lemon, mandarin and a bonsai apple potted fruit trees.

    While I was doing that DH mowed the rest of the property with the ride on lawnmower. He also set the drip irrigation system off to water the vegetable gardens and watered the potted fruit trees with saved rainwater.

    A elder friend rang me and wanted to have a good chat so we spoke and laughed together and caught up on information on other ladies we are looking after. In our church we get assigned ladies to visit and check on their and their families welfare but most of all we are all friends. I think it is particularly important especially during this virus to check to see how friends and neighbours are handling it and how things are in their households.

    Tonight's dinner is the other half of our mince stir fry we cooked yesterday.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

  3. Glad you could do a job.
    We are retired and our monthly income has not changed and we are very thankful

  4. Hi Wendy. Glad you had some cleaning work and sold some cards too. Xx

    Our work is secure for now but we are conscious of how things may change in auch an uncertain future timeframe. The little side hustles we had, such as dog sitting, have stopped for now.

    I am trying to save $ wherever I can but that is what I always do anyway. Last night, I roasted a chicken that I had bought when on special and today I am making chicken and vegetable soup with what is leftover.

    I have been sewing, using stash materials, to add things to my present box and yesterday I made a little stitched card with thick watercolour paper and threads I already had.

    Stay well!

  5. Hubby is still working at the moment, he works for Don KR the smallgoods production factory, so food industry of sorts, we're being very careful with money as there maybe some weeks were they won't have enough work and might be sent home early or have a whole day off, if he runs out of RDO's it will mean he won't be paid he's full-time hours if he has short days or days off. Even though they are in the food industry they've lost 30% of work because of the close of cafe's, restaurants etc. It's such an uncertain time but we'll make the most of what we have, and I'm just thankful my husband still has a job, it's a blessing.


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