Sunday 12 April 2020

Abundant Cottage Adventures Saturday 11th April 2020

Saturday was a cold,  wet and very windy day in Melbourne.  We spent the day indoors concentrating on general household duties.  Megan spent the day cleaning her rental ready for the end of lease.  Kurt was on baby duty the whole day and did a fantastic job looking after the boys. Here's what else we did -

*  I stripped our bed and did three loads of washing.  Some went into the dryer and the rest went onto clothes horses.  With a one year old crawling around,  wet washing isn't safe so we are trying to limit the washing he can get to and spread around our home.  Luka just loves playing with pegs and will do anything to get to them.  Cheeky monkey.

*  I did a little card making to finish off some baby gift packs I'll be selling shortly. 

*  Megan treated all of us to takeaway pizza after her long day of cleaning.  I'm not usually a fan of bought pizza but I'd have to say it was quite delicious and we were grateful for the treat.

* I watched a few episode of A Country Practice in the afternoon as part of my rest time.  Although I have lost most of my cleaning work,  with extra family members in the house all day,  my days are still busy.  Each day I try to watch some tv in the afternoon which is a new and novel idea for me.

The washing never stops

In the garden

How are you filling your days now that the weather has changed ?


  1. Saturday saw me making sure all was ready for Easter Sunday. I cooked a meal and took it down to my daughter. We are allowed two people to visit so this was the best solution.

    God bless your Easter. He is risen!

  2. Happy Easter. Odd to watch Easter Services on Facebook Live. I still did ham dinner for my husband and I. Froze some for later, plus a couple servings for work
    Sheila- Escanaba, Michigan USA

  3. The weather here in Brisbane has been glorious over Easter, Wendy. We have been enjoying ot, sotting out on verandah, working in garden and going for walks with our dog.

    Yesterday, we decluttered and cleaned our ensuite. We took down and washed the blinds, wiped down the walls and cleaned out the vanity. Meg:)


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