Friday 10 April 2020

Abundant Cottage Adventures Thursday 9th April 2020

Our day was a busy one yet there's not much to report that was really exciting.  We did manage to get a couple of things done.

*  Megan and I did some grocery shopping and ran errands that couldn't wait any longer.  Megan picked up beef mince marked down to $6 a kilo. 

*  We enjoyed morning tea out on the deck in the beautifully warm sunshine.

*  I watched a couple of episodes of A Country Practice to relax and unwind.

*  I picked up a few Easter goodies in Kmart for 1/2 price.

*  Silverside cooked in the slow cooker with roast veggies was on the menu for dinner.

The garden around our deck.

What did you get up to on Thursday ?

How are you preparing for Easter ?


  1. Great work!
    My Thursday - I was on a open shift, so finished at 3 which was lovely.

    Once finished I moved more soil into my garden - this has been a hard job for me I've moved 5 meters !

    - I cleaned out my bathroom cupboards I was amazed at all the make up, lotions and such that I have. So 2020 will be a no beauty produces buying year.

    -Picked a few tomatoes from the garden which my husband and two boys had with their dinner.

    Then made flash word cards for my daughter by using up a cereal box, she is grade 1 so this homeschooling for her will be a little hard on her reading so I hope they help.


  2. Your back deck looks like a relaxing place to sit, Wendy. Today, I made hot cross buns and, much to my delight, they worked out well. MegXx

  3. Oh Thursday there was a heap of cleaning with our cleaning lady. I also tackled boxes in the sewing area.

  4. Mum loves crayfish so i raided my piggy bank and bought one to share for Easter. Picked up 6 packets of Hot Cross Buns marked down half price and there in the freezer. Made some fresh juice and put the carrot and celery pulp in some soup and put the apple pulp in muffins and plum and pear pulp into a tea cake. Takes a bit longer to make but much less waste. I have my empty buckets out catching rain water at the present. I have put blankets on couches and chairs, on the beds as trying not to use the heater. It helps keeping busy as time passes quicker. Have a lovely Easter everyone and enjoy the weekend, Leanne

  5. I would love a cuppa on your verandah. Very calming.


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