Thursday, 2 April 2020

Abundant Cottage Adventures Wednesday 1st April 2020

Our adventures for Wednesday are -

*  Cleaned the kettle with citric acid.  The kettle is getting more use at the moment so I'm thinking it will need to be cleaned every 2 weeks.

*  Darren,  Megan,  myself and the two babies went for a walk around our little estate.  Luka loved seeing all the different gardens and waved to a few butterflies.

*  Darren and I tidied up a small garden bed.  When we have some flower seedlings big enough we'll be filling in the empty spots.

*  Darren planted seeds of  broccoli,  cabbage,  beetroot,  carrots,   parsley,  coriander,  basil,  thyme,  Pansies and Diathus.

*  I did a quick vacuum and mopped the floors.  With a 1 year old crawling around,  the floors get dirty very quickly.

*  On the menu for dinner was Tuna Pasta Bake..  I added silverbeet from the garden and a finely grated carrot.

After we gave the garden bed a tidy.

The before shot

In the garden

Are you enjoying the glorious weather ?

How did you spend your Wednesday ?


  1. Yes, I tidyed up a Garden bed too yesterday, did some exercise, some washing, some cooking, worked on a jigsaw and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. Not bored yet. Best wishes, Tania in Hawthorn

  2. I played an April Fool's joke on my daughters (11 and 8) yesterday:
    we are homeschooling at the moment, as the schools have closed. There has been some interaction with their teachers through email and videocalls, and yesterday I told my daughters that I had received an email asking them to tape their workbooks to the front window, open, to show that they had finished their homework. The teachers were going to do a tour of the village and check on everyone. DDs had to add today's date to the homework, to show that they had actually hung it up on that day.

    DDs were discussing this for about 10 minutes before the date-penny dropped :D

  3. I looked after my granddaughter filled most of the day. I washed, hung and folded washing.

  4. The weather is beautiful here too!

    Today I relocated some metal garden beds to a new position. I will be getting these ready for planting over the next few days. I tidied under our shaded area and trimmed up and re-potted some plants, also relocated plants to a different area. Pulled some weeds, only ten thousand more to go lol!

    Picked some beans, tomatoes and capsicums from the garden. Made a fresh batch of kombucha and finally got to sew my first mask.

    I am not bored at all, always plenty to keep me busy here at home.

    Take care Wendy,

  5. I weeded about 2m2 in the garden, and sowed some seeds in the free space: spring onions and beetroot.
    I emptied an old packet of aubergine/eggplant seeds in a hot, calm corner of the garden. I don't particularly like aubergine, don't have a greenhouse, and can't really be bothered with all the extra care they need. If they do come up and give fruit, hurray! if they don't, I will have cleared out a packet of seeds from my seedbox.


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