Friday 17 April 2020

Abundant Cottage Adventures Thursday 16th April 2020

Here's what we got up to on Thursday -

*  Sold a dozen eggs,  two jars of relish and a greeting card bundle to a friend.

*  Planted a garden bed in our backyard.  I'd been digging this bed over and trimming the plants for the last few months but wasn't happy with the growth habits of a few of the plants.  So yesterday I  bought a few new plants and also used plants we had in pots.  Now it looks much better.  While the weather is still mild I'll be concentrating on the next garden bed that needs work.

*  We had salmon patties ( from the freezer ),  salad ( lettuce from our garden ) and roast potatoes for dinner.

*  Darren and I enjoyed a morning tea of homemade scones with homemade jam and a cup of tea on the deck.

*  We enjoyed lots of time watching Luka trying to master the art of walking.  He takes quite a few steps,  stops,  has a squeal of delight at his new skill then sits down and continues crawling.  He's such a funny little boy.

A carnation plant

A new beginning for this garden bed.

How did you fill your Thursday ?

How is your garden looking at the moment ?

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  1. Thursday is the day our cleaner comes. While floors and bathrooms are scrubbed I washed and hung out clothes and other domestic tasks. I am so happy to read about your little one's antics. I am anxious for my Tuesday with Mia. Everyone needs a bright spark in their lives. God bless.


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