Tuesday 21 April 2020

Abundant Cottage Adventures Monday 20th April 2020

It wasn't a terribly interesting day in our home.  We still managed to get a few things done.

*  Cooked and drained a big piece of pumpkin.  Over the next couple of days I'll turn it into pumpkin scones.

*  Volunteered  at the local community pantry for 4 hours.

*  We had chicken drumsticks,  mash and steamed veg for dinner.

*  Darren ran a couple of errands.

How is your family keeping busy ?


  1. I went t East Coast fabrics and bought some more fabrics at $6 a metre. I now have plenty. Today was my first day of looking after my granddaughter and I will do the same tomorrow. So no sewing...I feel kind of sad. At two and half Miss Mia needs much supervision but she is blossoming every day and I feel so privileged to be given the gift of caring for her. Dinner was tinned salmon and salad. Simple but easy.

    God bless and stay safe/

  2. We are both working full time (remotely), and trying to "homeschool" the kids & support their online learning.

    Every day, I set a goal of getting one chore done that I'd normally not have time for, list one item for sale, work out, meditate & journal. I'm also dabbling in learning Spanish, with an app.

  3. That sounds like a good productive day! My husband was able to get another day of work in on a job (might be a 2-day work week with weather coming in). I got lots of cleaning done and weeded a bit at my mom’s. I’ll get out in the garden after supper tonight. A good day here!

  4. So pleased i am getting a Coles delivery today. We have been doing okay food wise but it will be good to see different food for a change. We are still okay for toilet paper so that was one thing not on my list.

    Continued to dig vegie scraps into the garden and plant a few more seeds and bulbs.

    I bake Tuesday and Fridays cakes, biscuits and scones.

    I was wasting bread as it was going off quite quick so i had a gift card card and bought a $15.00 deep sandwich maker. So toasted sandwiches with soup are our standard lunch now.

    Received some free tea samples in the mail. Tried 1 so far really nice.

    Using the soda stream to make drinks over buying saving a lot of plastic from landfill.

    Keeping busy doing bits and pieces still managing to save money and at times just enjoying the peace calm and quiet. Leanne


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